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Fireman's protective clothing


① Separate design, dirt cleaning is convenient.

Separating design,easy to clean.

② Can withstand 1200 high temperature.

Endure 1200 high temperature.

③ Flame resistant layer, heat insulation layer and outer sewing part, afterburning time is 0 seconds.

0s afterglow with the flash resistant layer, insulation layer and outperform sewing layer.

④ Tear - resistant reinforced braid with anti - static function.

High tear strength and anti static electricity for the strong structure weaving.

⑤ It is heat resistant, waterproof, breathable and prevents blood virus from penetrating.

The function of resisting heat and water, ventilate and resisting the permeat of blood virus.

⑥ It is composed of flame resistant layer (fireproof layer), waterproof and moisture permeable layer, heat insulation layer and inner and outer layer.

Consist of flame resistant layer,Waterproof layer,insulation layer and inner layer.