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Fire fighting gloves (leather)


① Cover: made of carefully selected fireproof leather.

Outer layer: made with fire prevention leather.

② Inner layer: waterproof and breathable, preventing virus and chemical dangerous substances from penetrating.

Inner layer: waterproof and ventilate, resist the permeat of virus and chemical substances.

③ Insulation: materials (OPF, KEVLAR ®) enhance thermal stability and comfort.

Insulation layer: use OPF,KEVLAR® material is to strengthen heat resistance and comfort. 

④ Lining: 100% (KEVLAR ®)

Inside layer:100%(KEVLAR®)

⑤ Reflective strip: 3M Scotchlite reflective strip.

Reflective stripe: use 3M Scotchlite.

⑥ Three - dimensional cutting with five fingers separated, and the wrist is designed with elastic elastic belt.

Finger separated design with fire prevention elastic at the wrist.

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