Fire helmet


(1) security (Safe)

Steel bottom and steel head are designed for anti-impact, with protection functions of oil resistance, wear resistance, anti-skid, anti-cutting, heat insulation, acid and alkali resistance, insulation and high voltage resistance.

Steer structure with the function of resist oil, abrasion, skid, the cut, heat, acid - base, insulation and high pressure.

(2) Structure (Structure)

Ergonomic structure design, easy to use squat operation.

Ergonomics design,easy to squat and work.

(3) Skid resistance

Reinforced anti-slip outsole design, wear safety, no worries.

Strong anti skid with outsole design,safe to wear.

(4) the Material (Material)

Composite rubber material and neoprene lining, wear comfortable, barefoot wear without skin damage, with excellent flame retardant, heat insulation, waterproof performance.

Composite rubber material with neoprene lining,can be worn with naked feet,has nice physical property of preventing burning,heat and water.

5. Comfortable (Comfort)

It combines the comfort of leather shoes with the protection of fire boots.

Enjoy the comfort of leather shoes and protective of anti-fire boots.

Yellow and green like luminous.