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New energy foam fire truck(XDZ/PM-500)

(1) high efficiency

sem@t brand two-wheel fire fighting motorcycle has the leading high mist foam fire extinguishing technology in Europe and America. It USES independent power source to automatically mix the extinguishing agent and catalyze the high mist foam liquid, which can rapidly reduce the fire site temperature and continuously effectively extinguish class A, C and F fires, quickly achieving the effect of effective cooling and efficient fire extinguishing. 85L water source can extinguish the 4A and 34B class fire stipulated in gb8109-2005, and the flame retardant and flame retardant effect is remarkable.

(2) security
The brand SEM@T fire fighting motorcycle has a standardized special chassis, brakes, shock absorbers, engine brakes and steel structure, more pressure support structure and u-type parking structure of anti-roll, anti-skid performance design, load free, ride safely.

(3) machine operation

The fire fighting motorcycle of SEM@T brand is small in size and has strong mobility, which has solved the fire fighting bottleneck of narrow alleys, rural communities, container ports, expressways, and urban streets with dense traffic vehicles, and has the advantages of convenience and speediness.

(4) easy

sem@t brand fire motorcycle has humanized start switch design, which enables non-fire professionals to easily move and quickly start the switch, operating equipment to quickly control the advantages, the fire will be eliminated in the bud, the loss of fire to a minimum.

(5) section energy

sem@t brand fire-fighting motorcycle water-saving foam: the consumption of water is 45L/min, the foam mixing ratio is only about 0.3%, the use cost and equipment maintenance cost is low, the comprehensive cost-effective, can save a lot of social costs for the social fire system.

(6) environmental protection

SEM @ 0.3% T fire motorcycle brand will be effected according to the automatic mixing foam liquid mixing ratio, the system automatically by catalytic fog emit high fine foam liquid PH value is neutral, after use easy to handle, affected items or no secondary forest vegetation environmental harm, both the ways to solve the traditional sprinkler is far behind the actual demand of difficulties, and to avoid the traditional foam extinguishing system the use of high concentrations of extinguishing agent of secondary damage to the environment.

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