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Piggy-back foam extinguishing device

The sem@t brand piggy-back foam extinguishing device is a leading new foam extinguishing technology and product in Europe and America.


SEM @ T leading brands of knapsack foam extinguishing equipment has high fine mist foam extinguishing technologies from Europe and America, with independent power source automatically mixed agent and catalytic out high fine mist foam liquid, can quickly reduce the fire temperature and sustained and effective to put out fires A, B, C, E, F class fire, cool quickly to achieve effective and efficient extinguishing effect. 120L water can extinguish 10A and 55B class fires stipulated in GB 8109-2005, with remarkable effect of flame retardant and flame retardant.


SEM @ T brand knapsack foam extinguishing device is small in size, light weight, simple type operation switch sets humanized structure design and easy at an organic whole, make the fire professionals can carry or move easily and quickly start switch, operating equipment control advantage, quickly will the fire in the bud, the fire losses to a minimum.

(3)Energy saving

sem@t brand carrying foam extinguishing device saves water and saves foam: the water consumption is 45L/min(the flow coefficient value is only about 35/ spray is only about 34.5), the foam mixing ratio is only about 0.3%, the use cost and equipment maintenance cost is low, the comprehensive cost performance is high, can save a lot of social cost for social fire system.

(4)Environmental protection

SEM @ T brand knapsack extinguishing equipment can be mixed by 0.3% than the automatic mixing foam liquid, the system automatically by catalytic fog emit high fine foam liquid PH value is neutral, after use easy to handle, affected items or no secondary forest vegetation environmental harm, both the ways to solve the traditional sprinkler is far behind the actual demand of difficulties, and to avoid the traditional foam extinguishing system the use of high concentrations of extinguishing agent of secondary damage to the environment.