Yuxiangshun co., LTD., founded in 2009, is a professional fire fighting and rescue technical service enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service. At present mainly engaged in the SEM @ T brand fire extinguishing rescue technology development and equipment manufacturing, sales and after-sales service, to provide technical guidance for all kinds of fire fighting and rescue, and can provide special industry fire rescue equipment research and manufacturing services, services in large public buildings, high-rise buildings, petrochemical facilities, forests, mountains, waters and underground facilities and other kinds of places.

      My company comply with the state encourages and supports the fire the development direction of scientific research and technological innovation, is committed to research and development of fire fighting and emergency rescue technology advanced technology development, the r&d team in our company through continuous research and effort, creatively developed revolutionary new technology, 

high density fine mist foam extinguishing knapsack foam extinguishing equipment, fixed and mobile foam extinguishing device, cart type foam fire extinguishing device rounds, two fire motorcycle, electric fire truck, fire three rounds of motorcycle, etc., and breakthrough the bottleneck of the traditional fire industry, the high density of fine mist bubbles touch the fire, can effective adsorption of carbon particles and metal particles in the combustion, Cause the fire burning particles disappear, to achieve rapid and effective cooling effect, and isolate the burning particles and the contact with the burning object, to achieve the effect of efficient fire suppression, energy saving and environmental protection, completely changed the traditional fire fighting and disaster relief mode. 

     The company's fire equipment in the gold of the early fire 5 to 10 minutes, quickly arrived at the scene of the fire, it takes only A single operating equipment, can effectively put out A fire A, B, C, E, has realized the quick "hit early, hit, hit" fire extinguishing efficiency, also can avoid the traditional mode of fire fighting and disaster relief water damage caused by the "flood" or "ice disaster", avoid disaster relief against property damage brought about by the loss and damage is higher than the fire itself, to realize the optimization of fire control products to set easy to carry, efficiency, high efficiency, simple operation and is widely used in the integral whole, can be widely used in:

(一)Large public facilities, power plants, civil airports and important ports.
(二)Large enterprises engaged in the production and storage of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods. 
(三)A large warehouse or base for storing combustible materials. 
(四)Other large enterprises that are far away from public security fire brigades and have high fire risk. 
(五)Far away from the public security fire brigade, listed as a key cultural relic protection building
(六)Public gathering places: hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, markets, waiting rooms at passenger stations, waiting rooms at passenger terminals, civil airport terminals, stadiums, synagogues and public entertainment places. 
(七)Crowded places: the hospital outpatient service building, ward building, the school teaching building, library, dining hall and dormitories, nursing homes, welfare homes, nurseries, kindergartens, public library reading room, public museums, the museum's exhibition hall, labor-intensive enterprise's production and processing workshop and staff dormitories, travel, religious activity sites, etc.

Qualification certificate

Qualification certificate