Carry out pre-festival fire safety training exercises, tulou scenic area with a new firefighting weapon!
Spring Festival golden week is coming! In order to do a good job in fire safety in scenic spots, recently,

    Spring Festival golden week is coming! To do a good job in the scenic area fire safety recently, nanjing county tulou the ac organization tulou full-time firefighter, safety personnel to conduct fire control safety training exercises, and for stationary point of the scenic spot full time fire brigade is equipped with 2 new fire motorcycle and 6 pieces of knapsack foam extinguishing installation, the manufacturer technician training guidance, full-time firefighter will soon be able to master the fire fighting equipment operating essentials.

(▲Picture: fire training)

The person in charge of the full-time fire brigade in the tulou scenic area said that the fire motorcycle is 2.5 meters long, 1 meter high and 1.4 meters wide. This volume, in the tulou scenic area in a large number of small and rugged alleys shuttle will have no obstacles, and the car can carry the weight of nearly 400 kilograms; The piggy-back foam extinguishing device is 43 cm long, 45 cm high and 30 cm wide. It is fully equipped with 25 kg. One person can carry it on his back to start the switch quickly. The two types of equipment are safe, mobile, simple, efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection in one of the new fire fighting tools. The equipment of these fire fighting equipment provides an important guarantee for the scenic spot to improve its fire prevention ability and fire fighting and rescue ability.

(▲The picture shows the new fire equipment)

Previously, due to the numerous and narrow roadways in the tulou scenic area, large fire fighting vehicles could not enter, which brought many difficulties to the fire protection and rescue work of tulou. In the future, in case of emergency in the tulou scenic area, this new type of fire-fighting motorcycle and piggy-back foam fire-extinguishing device can be used in the first time to win the golden time for emergency fire-fighting and rescue.

(▲Fire drill)